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Half term 30th May - 3rd June. Students return 6th June (week B)

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Half term closure

Please note that, during periods when the school is closed, anyone with Child Protection concerns should contact Cambridgeshire Social Care directly, contact numbers are available here. However if you feel a young person is in immediate danger the police should be contacted.

School Improvement Plan

The School Improvement Plan is available here. Additional improvement priorities identified in this academic year can be found here.

Looking for HAP?

We are now migrating away from HAP (Home Access Plus). Students and staff should start to use Foldr for remote access to files and folders.

To access Foldr go to and enter your network logon. Foldr also has iOs and Android apps that you can setup.

HAP is still accessible at - but only until the end of term.

Year 11 Revision Schedule

The revision schedule from 16th May onwards can be accessed here.

Arrangements for written exams

Year 11 exams will begin on Monday 16th May, but normal lessons continue until Friday 27th May when half term begins (Monday 30th May - Friday 3rd June). From Monday 6th June, written exams will continue with a block revision programme (see above) to complement student revision. Students are expected to attend these sessions as appropriate.

Year 12 exams begin on Monday 16th May, with Year 12 students on study leave from 16th May to Thursday 9th June. Normal lessons will resume on Friday 10th June, with students starting Year 13 courses. Level 2 students should continue to attend normal lessons throughout the exam period.

Year 13 exams begin on Monday 6th June. The last day of normal lessons will be Friday 27th May (half term Monday 30th May to Friday 3rd June). Some students may be sitting exams before 6th June, however should continue to attend normal lessons as usual.