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Communication is important between parents/carers, students and the school. To help you get to the right person quickly, we have identified the most common questions and put the response below.

Parents' frequently asked questions

How do I let the school know that my child is ill?

All absence must be reported by 9.30am on a daily basis. Either telephone the 24 hour Absence Line 01480 375400 select option 2 and leave a message including your child's name, tutor group, reason for absence, your name and a contact telephone number, or, send an email to giving all relevant information as above.

How do I contact one of my child's teachers?

The easiest way is to use email - the email addresses of all the teachers can be found below. Teachers will aim to respond within 2 working days with a full response normally within 5 working days if required.

How do I contact the school urgently?

Please phone reception on 01480 375400 (select option 7) who will get a message to an appropriate member of staff who will respond.

How do I contact my child's Head of Year or Head of Department?

Again the best way is probably to use email, full list of email addresses can be found below and a list of key staff, so you know who the Head of Year or Head of Department is, can be found here.

Who do I contact with a query regarding the cashless catering system, including topping up and changing my child's daily spend limit?

Please contact Mrs C Loader, the Cashless Catering Administrator in the Finance Office, by emailing

Who do I contact with a query regarding ParentMail, including payments for uniform, equipment and educational visits?

Please contact Mrs A Scruton, the Educational Visits & ParentMail Administrator in the Finance Office, by emailing

I am not sure who I should contact, what should I do?

The easiest thing to do here is to email the main school office ( This will then be forwarded to an appropriate member of staff.

In general, please use the form tutor as the first line of contact for any question related to your child.

How do I make a complaint?

Please email or phone reception on 01480 375400 (option 7) in the first instance and they will inform the relevant staff who will deal with the complaint.

When my child is on a trip, how do I contact staff if there is an emergency?

Staff on trips will take a school mobile phone, so should be contactable. During the school day, you can phone school reception (01480 375400, option 7) who will be able to contact the lead teacher on the trip. For residential visits, details of accomodation and relevant emergency phone numbers will be communicated before the trip sets off, as applicable.

Staff email addresses 2016-17

Listed below are the email adddresses of all teachers and other key personnel. If you are not sure who you need to contact please email Staff will aim to respond within 2 working days with a full response normally within 5 working days if required.

Name Staff Code Subject Position in school Email address
Mrs J Abblitt AB Food, Health & Social Care
Mrs T Abraham Exams Officer
Mrs D Akers AK Art, Textiles
Mr J Andrews AN English Head of English
Dr K Angus AU Science
Mrs S Arrowsmith AR English
Ms C Atkinson AT Design & Technology
Mrs D Attersall Finance Manager
Mr S Bamber BA History Head of Year 10
Ms K Barkway BC Ethics, Learning4life
Miss C Barnes BZ Music, Drama
Mrs A Barratt BX Food, Health & Social Care
Ms L Bartlett BR Maths and Year 8 tutor
Mrs L Bartlett BT Maths and Sixth Form tutor Head of Careers
Mrs A Bell BE Music, Film & Media Studies
Dr I Bidd BD Science
Miss B Booth BB Geography, History, Travel & Tourism
Mr A Booysen BF History, Ethics, Learning4life
Mr P Braybrook BK PE Head of Year 9
Ms K Buchanan BH Science
Ms K Burden BN Design & Technology
Mr J Burniston BS Business Studies & Economics Head of Business Studies & Economics
Mr D Butler BL Computing
Miss H Campbell CL English
Mrs H Carmichael CA Art, Textiles
Mrs D Carpenter Work Experience Coordinator
Mr R Chambers CB Geography, Travel & Tourism Head of Geography
Mrs A Champley-Potter CH Languages, English
Mrs A Chiano Director of Finance & Resources
Mrs V Clarke Attendance Officer
Ms M Cody CO English
Mrs S Collings CN Maths
Mrs A Collingwood CW Food, Health & Social Care
Mrs A Conradie CD Food, Health & Social Care
Mr P Cook CC PE Highest Achievers Coordinator
Dr M Craig CG History Deputy Headteacher
Miss A Crellin CI Drama, PSHE, Learning4life Head of PSHE/Learning4life
Mr B Daly DL PE Head of Year 7
Mrs K Daniell DI English Assistant Head of Year 9
Mr A Davies DV Computing Assistant Headteacher
Mrs J Denmar DE English
Mr M Dominy DM Science, PE
Ms M Du DU Maths
Mrs A DuBose DB English
Mrs K Eagle EG Languages
Mrs C Ellinor EL History
Mrs K Evans EV Food, Health & Social Care
Mrs A Fisher FI Science
Dr A Flower FW Science, Maths
Miss J Francis FA Literacy Support, Pathway SENCO
Ms L Francis FR Science
Mrs T Gibbons Premises Manager
Mrs A Gilbert GI Music, Learning4life
Miss F Gilbert GT English
Mrs D Gill GL Maths
Mr A Goold GD Art, Photography Head of Art
Mr J Gosling GG Maths
Mrs M Gosling GS Maths (maternity leave) Assistant Head of Sixth Form (maternity leave)
Mr A Gower GO Design & Technology Head of Design & Technology
Miss A Greenwood GW Business Studies, Economics
Mr S Griffin GR Headteacher
Miss C Harness HN Art (maternity leave)
Mr C Havard HV PE Head of PE
Miss T Hay HY 7Jump, Languages Head of 7Jump
Mr S Hedges HG Economics, Politics Head of Politics, Assistant Head of Sixth Form
Miss C Housden HD PE Assistant Head of Year 10
Ms S Hutchinson HH Computing
Mrs J Jarvis JA Art, Sculpture
Mr G Jones JN Art
Mrs H Kemp KM PE, Dance
Mrs E Kenton-Howells KH Ethics & Philosophy Head of Ethics & Philosophy
Dr J Koenig KG Science, Maths
Mr J Lane LN Maths
Mr A Luck LK Design & Technology
Mr S Mackey MK Maths
Miss E Macleod ME Music Head of Music
Mrs F Malster MA Film & Media Studies Head of Film & Media Studies
Ms C Marshall MX Science
Miss L McAdam MW Dance Head of Dance
Mrs D McCartney MT Maths
Mr T McLeod MC Design & Technology
Dr A Meadows MS Science
Miss M Millon ML Languages
Mrs J Moore MR Languages
Mrs B Morey MB Geography, Travel & Tourism EMAG Coordinator
Miss I Morrison MO Science Deputy Headteacher
Mr J Murphy MH Languages Head of Languages
Mr S Nunn NN Geography, Travel & Tourism Head of Year 11
Mrs J Page PG Ethics, Film & Media Studies Assistant Head of Year 7
Ms J Panter PT English
Ms A Parker PZ Maths
Mrs K Pask PK Business Studies
Mrs M Pearson PA Computing (maternity leave)
Mrs K Peck PC English
Mrs K Perry PR English Assistant Headteacher - Director of Key Stage 5 (Sixth Form)
Mr N Perry PY Drama Head of Drama
Mr R Pires PI Computing
Miss K Prunty PU Science
Mr B Pugh PH PE
Mr W Quinn QN Maths
Miss S Raine RE Geography, Travel & Tourism, Ethics
Mrs T Reagen Sixth Form Administrator
Miss M Reali RA Science
Mrs V Rix RI Law, Public Services, Politics Assistant Head of Sixth Form, Head of Law & Vocational
Miss E Robinson RN Psychology Head of Psychology
Mr D Seekings SK Maths Head of Maths
Miss C Sherwood SW PE, Dance Assistant Headteacher - Director of Key Stage 4
Mr E Slingsby SN Science Head of Science
Mrs M Sloan Inclusion Manager
Miss M Smart SM Science
Dr D Squires SQ Science
Miss M Stocker SC Languages
Mr R Thomas TH History
Mr M Thorne TE English, Classics
Mr D Tiplady Medical Officer
Miss L Trigg TG PE, Dance Assistant Head of Year 8
Mr D Varey VA PE Assistant Headteacher - Director of Key Stage 3
Ms J Wainwright WT Computing Head of Computing
Mr A Ward ICT Manager
Mrs E Warriner WW History Head of History
Mrs M Watton WA Food, Health & Social Care, Learning4life Head of Food
Mr D West WE Geography, Travel & Tourism Head of Year 8
Mrs S West WX Maths
Miss E Williamson WS PE, Dance Assistant Head of Year 11
Mr D Wilson WL Science Assistant Headteacher
Ms L Wilson WN Art, Photography
Mrs S Wood WD English
Miss H Wright WR Art
Miss R Yorke YO Geography, Travel & Tourism
Mrs P Zahner ZA Latin, Classics