St Ivo Governing Body is being re-constituted in to a Local Education Consultative Committee within Astrea Academy Trust. The information below will be updated to reflect this in due course.

An overview of governance at St Ivo School

Purpose and objectives

The Governing Body has a number of responsibilities, which are summarised below. The Governing Body acts as a ‘critical friend’ to the school’s senior leadership team, however governors are not involved in the day-to-day operational management of the school.


The Governing Body consists of 20 posts:

All Governors are subject to re-election every four years (with the exception of the Headteacher). Governors receive training as required, principally through Cambridgeshire Governor Services.

Committee structure

Much of the work of the Governing Body is done at committee level. We have three committees:

Committee chairs, as well are the Chair and Vice Chair of the Governing Body, are re-elected every year. These governors form the Strategy Group, which meets as required but does not have any ongoing delegated authority. All committees report to the Full Governing Body.

Who we are

Judith Barnes (Community Governor)
Governor since 2008, term of office expires 2020
After 37 years in teaching, including 20 years as Head of History at St Ivo, I retired in 2007, but was delighted to be asked to stand as a Community Governor in 2008. I sit on the Curriculum and Standards Committee and the Staff and Student Committee. I am passionate about St Ivo School – the students and staff – and want to contribute to the future success of what I’m certain can becoming an outstanding school.
My other interests include golf, travel and rock choir!

Julie Bloor (Community Governor)
Governor since 2018, term of office expires 2022

Dan Coulson (Staff Governor)
Governor since 2016, term of office expires 2020

Carol Darnell (Community Governor)
Governor since 2015, term of office expires 2019
I have been a Governor for a number of years in the St Ives community – both at Primary (where I was Chair) and Secondary levels. I am currently an active member of the Staff and Student Committee.
My professional background is in Management Development/Training which I started doing when working for one of the “big 4” professional services firms. Since becoming freelance in 2003, I have worked with all sorts of organisations (private and public sector, large and small). I support them with their HR activities and deliver training courses to their staff, as well as coaching individuals and teams.
We have lived in St Ives since 2002, having been previously in East London and Essex. The whole family is heavily involved in Athletics (all year round!) although I tend to officiate now, rather than compete.
I’m pleased to be able to bring this diverse professional experience and personal interest to the Governing Board of the School.

Charles Glanville (Community Governor)
Governor since 2013, term of office expires 2021
I have been a parent governor since December 2013, community governor since December 2017 and was Chair of Governors from 2015-17. I have lived in St Ives for over 11 years and have a son who has just left Sixth Form for university. I am a member of the Finance and Premises Committee and the Staff and Student Committee.
I have a background of working in a university, the NHS and the medical device industry with a focus in cardiac surgery and transplantation. Having left the company I started in St Ives, I currently work as a consultant to a number of companies throughout the UK, USA and Asia.
I became a governor in order to use my time and experience to support the school, its staff and students, to continuously improve and get to outstanding.

Sam Griffin (Headteacher)
I became Headteacher of St Ivo School in September 2015. Prior to this I was Headteacher of Hobart High School in Norfolk and have been on school leadership teams since 2005. I am originally from London. I studied English and History at the University of Salford and also hold a post-graduate diploma in Drama.
I have a heavy involvement in all aspects of the work of the governing body, and tyically attend all committee meetings.

Claire Lynn (Parent Governor)
Governor since 2013, term of office expires 2021
I grew up and went to school in Peterborough. After studying at the London College of Printing, I started my working life as a journalist in London before embarking on a career in media relations. I have worked for a number of high-profile organisations including the Serious Fraud Office, Ernst & Young and IPC Magazines. I now work on a freelance basis for a Cambridgeshire-based PR agency as well as running an after-school book club at a local primary school. I sit on the Curriculum and Standards Committee and the Staff and Student Committee.

Martin McMahon (Parent Governor)
Governor since 2015, term of office expires 2019
I attended Wheatfields Junior School, followed by St Ivo and left in 1985 after only 5th form to join the forces via the Army 6th Form, Welbeck College. I then went on to obtained a degree in Materials Science & Engineering at the University of Liverpool. This was then followed by a Ph.D in Laser Materials Processing, post-doctoral research in Italy, and a succession of managerial positions within various high tech production companies. Currently, I work within business development in the new and exciting 3D printing and additive manufacturing sector.
I am parent to three children at St Ivo. Prior to becoming a governor, my only other involvement in education was as a member of the Pavilion Playgroup committee, at the time when it was necessary to plan for and manage the complete replacement of the building and facilities. I sit on the Curriculum and Standards Committee and the Finance and Premises Committee.

Mark Newstead (Community Governor, Chair of Governors)
Governor since 2016, term of office expires 2020
I am Chair of the Full Governing Body, and also sit on the Finance and Premises Committee. Though relatively new to the St Ivo governing body, I was previously Chair of Governors at a Primary school and have experience of siting on the Boards of charities and commercial companies.
I am a chartered Construction Manager and Surveyor with a background in property development and maintenance. After graduating the University of Liverpool, I built a career in the housing and care sectors as a surveyor working for both public and private sector companies. I went on to gain a postgraduate qualification in Project Management and have now worked at director level for over 15 years. Currently I am employed by a Housing Association based in East London as Executive Director of Property Services.
I grew up locally and now live in Pidley with my wife and our two daughters, who both attend St Ivo. I joined the Governing Body to help address a skills shortage in property knowledge and I’m very pleased to be able to use my surveying and commercial management skills to help the school.

Frank Newton (Authority Governor, Chair of Staff and Student Committee)
Governor since 2001, term of office expires 2021
Originally from Yorkshire but I have lived in St Ives for nearly 50 years and my three daughters all attended St Ivo School.
I am a retired Local Government officer with 40 years experience in senior and chief officer positions within finance departments.
Currently chair of the school’s Staff and Student Committee and I am also a member of the Finance and Premises Committee.
I am also Chair of Governors for Thorndown Primary School and when required, chair the School Independent Admissions Appeal Panels on behalf of the County Council.

Richard Potter (Parent Governor)
Governor since 2015, term of office expires 2019
I have lived in St Ives since 1977. I am currently an Assistant Headteacher at Sir Harry Smith Community College, I have taught for the last 21 years in three different secondary schools and I am responsible for whole school behaviour as well as child protection. I have been through five Ofsted inspections, which resulted in very positive outcomes ranging from good to outstanding, the most recent of which was November 2014. I have experience of both pastoral and curriculum matters and I am all too aware of the current changes and implications to education. I have very fond memories of being a student at St Ivo, where the care and attention of every child was, and I believe still is, central to the success of the school.

Jon Read (Parent Governor)
Governor since 2016, term of office expires 2020

Adrian Smith (Parent Governor)
Governor since 2015, term of office expires 2019
I am a parent of two children at St Ivo School and attended the school’s Sixth Form from 1987-89 before going on to do a Business Studies degree at Oxford Brookes University. As well as the Full Governing Body, I sit on the Finance and Premises Committees.
I have been in marketing and communications for more than 20 years, my most recent in-house position being Head of Communications for Anglian Water. In 2009 I left to become a communications consultant and have been extremely fortunate to work with many excellent clients across a wide range of sectors.
I live in Hemingford Abbots, where I take an active role in the community as a member of the Hemingfords’ Regatta committee, an event now in its 114th year. I also helped launch and run Pavilion Pictures in 2011, our enormously successful community cinema, but stood down recently to focus on my role as a governor.

Philip Speer (Community Governor, Vice-Chair of Governors, Chair of Finance Committee)
Governor since 1999, term of office expires 2019
A community governor since 1999, I have chaired the Finance Committee for the past 15 years, but have been a supporter of the campaign for “Fairer Funding” for Cambridgeshire schools for even longer.
In my day job I am a company law solicitor with a practice in Cambridge. Being a governor enables me to use my professional knowledge and skills on a voluntary basis for the benefit of the School, and so, I hope, put something back into our community.
I have lived in Hemingford Grey since 1988.

Anthony Ward (Staff Governor)
Governor since 2011, term of office expires 2019
I am the Director of School Stragetic Operations at St Ivo, and as such come in to regular contact with the vast majority of our 200+ staff. My role also gives me a detailed understanding of staffing structures. I sit on the Staff and Student Committee, and am privileged to be able to use my detailed understanding of the school to aid decision making that improves the school through my role as a Governor.

Elaine Warriner (Staff Governor)
Governor since 2018, term of office expires 2022

Duncan Woodall (Community Governor)
Governor since 2002, term of office expires 2022
I am a retired teacher who was previously a senior manager at another large comprehensive school in the county. I have lived in St Ives for over thirty years and my daughter attended St Ivo and Wheatfields Primary School where I am also a governor. I work part time as an A-level examiner and maintain a keen interest in education and current affairs generally. I have a range of other interests, particularly sport; I am a Vice President of St Ives Rugby Club having played for them for a number of years and I am also a member of St Ives Golf Club.

Dates of Governors meetings for 2018-19

Finance and Premises 24th September 12th November 21st January 11th March 20th May
Staff and Student 1st October 19th November 28th January 18th March 3rd June
Curriculum & Standards 8th October 26th November 4th February 25th March 10th June
Full Governors 31st October 12th December 27th February 1st May 26th June

Minutes of Full Governing Body meetings

30th January 2019 12th December 2018 31st October 2018
18th July 2018 27th June 2018 2nd May 2018
24th April 2018 28th February 2018 13th December 2017
1st November 2017 21st June 2017 3rd May 2017
1st March 2017 15th December 2016 20th October 2016
22nd June 2016 4th May 2016 2nd March 2016
9th December 2015 21st October 2015 24th June 2015
6th May 2015 4th March 2015 18th December 2014
10th December 2014 22nd October 2014 25th June 2014
7th May 2014 26th February 2014 11th December 2013
16th October 2013

Statutory documents

Annual Report and Accounts 2017-18 Governors Pecuniary Interest Declaration 2017-18
Gender Pay Gap Report 2017-18 Annual Report and Accounts 2016-17
Governors Pecuniary Interest Declaration 2016-17 Annual Report and Accounts 2015-16
July 2016 Ofsted inspection report Governors Pecuniary Interest Declaration 2015-16
December 2015 Ofsted inspection report Annual Report and Accounts 2014-15
Governors Pecuniary Interest Declaration 2014-15 January 2015 Ofsted inspection report
Annual Report and Accounts 2013-14 Value for Money Statement 2013-14
May 2014 Ofsted inspection report Annual Report and Accounts 2012-13
Value for Money Statement 2012-13 Articles of Association