House System

House System

Introduced in September 2017, our House System is encouraging students to mix more outside of their usual groups. Increased teamwork across years is creating a more cohesive student body, whilst form groups being divided amongst the Houses leads to some healthy competition.

There are many opportunities for students to gain House points, both through individual accomplishments and inter-House competitions in areas such as sport, languages and music.

Every Friday we publish the House points totals on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and students can see the star students and points breakdowns for each week displayed in the noticeboards in the main foyer.

The Houses

There are five Houses, with names inspired by the elements of the school badge. In this way the school is linking the old with the new. All students belong to either Bridge (green), Crosier (purple), Leger (red), River (blue) or Wheatsheaf (gold) House. For Years 7 to 10, their House is denoted be the coloured stripe on their blazer.

House Leadership

Each House is led by a member of staff who acts as Head of House, together with a House Captain from the Sixth Form and (soon to be appointed) Vice Captain from Year 10 or 11. Other opportunities for student leadership are being developed.

The Director of the House System is Ben Daly.

House Head of House House Captain
Bridge (Green) Mr Thorne Molly 12Ch
Crosier (Purple) Miss McAdam Scarlett 12Ch
Leger (Red) Mr Dominy Oliver 13Ca/Gt
River (Blue) Mr Sears Bethan 12De/Bd
Wheatsheaf (Gold) Mrs Brading Jasmine 12Mx

House competitions this term

Art – Year 7 Christmas Card design competition
Art – Year 10 and 12 Drawing competition
Business Studies – Year 10 LIBF student investor challenge
Business Studies – Year 12 Dragons apprentice challenge
Classics – Year 7-11 Mythological monster competition
Drama – Year 9 Drama competition
Food – Year 7, 8 and 9 Top Chef competition
Food – Year 7 Healthy Smoothie competition
Food – Year 7 1* Chef competition
Food – Year 8 2* Chef competition
Food – Year 9 Best of British research competition
Food – Year 10 and 11 Rotary Young Chef of the Year competition
Geography – Year 7 Locational knowledge quiz
Geography – Year 7-13 Royal Geographical Society competition
Geography – Year 7-13 Geographical Association Photo competition
Geography – Year 9 and 10 Worldwise quiz
History – Year 7 Castles competition
History – Year 9 Local WW1 research competition
History – Year 10 Raleigh and Drake research competition
History – Year 11 GCSE competition (TBC)
Maths – Year 7-11 PiXL competition
MFL – Year 7 Foreign language spelling Bee (Round 1)
Music – Year 7 and 8 Singing challenge
PE - Year 7, 8 and 9 Boys Rugby competition
PE - Year 7 Girls Netball competition
PE - Year 8 and 9 Girls Hockey competition
Politics/Law – Year 12 and 13 Debating contest
Politics/Law – Year 12 Mock Trial competition
Resource Centre – Year 7-13 Book competition
Science – Year 7 Chaos Fair
Science – Year 7-10 Art competition
Science – Year 11 VEX Robot challenge
Science – Year 12 and 13 Poster challenge
Science – Year 12 Roche