Uniform, Kit & Equipment

Uniform, Kit & Equipment

New School Uniform

We want our students to realise their full potential and to take pride in their appearance and what they can achieve at St Ivo School. Students should represent the school with pride and purpose at all times, central to this is a new, formal uniform which gives a clear visual signal to everyone about the kind of school we are.

The new uniform will be for all students in Years 7 to 10 from September 2017; next year's Year 11 (the current Year 10) will be able to wear their old uniform for their last year here. The new uniform will consist of:

Details of these items and suppliers will be issued to current and Year 6 parents/carers next term.

Uniform Policy and Dress Code

We believe that looking smart and dressing smartly for school is an important part of school life. Our Uniform Policy intends to make clear what students must wear, must not wear, and the areas in which they may exercise choice (such as socks under trousers). Staff do not wear school uniform but are expected to dress smartly, in line with the School Dress Code for Staff.

Parents/carers may wish to access the uniform information pack 2016 and uniform benchmarking information.

Uniform, kit and equipment can be purchased from ParentMail or the school business centre. Alternatively, uniform can be purchased directly from Price & Buckland. Parents/carers are encouraged to donate uniform and kit that is not needed, but still in good condition. Simply place the items in the green bin in reception, or drop them off at The Green School Shop in St Ives town centre. The School Shop sells nearly new uniform and a variety of other equipment for student use, with half the profits of the nearly new uniform coming back into school.

Uniform List

All students in Years 7 to 11* must wear:

Jewellery and valuable items

Valuable items should not be brought to school, as far as possible. If they are, they remain the responsibility of their owner to look after them at all times. There is a separate policy covering mobile phones and other electronic devices but, in brief, these may be brought to school at their owners’ risk but they must not be seen or heard during lessons or between consecutive lessons such as between Periods 1 and 2 and between Periods 3 and 4. They may be used during students’ free time, such at break-time and lunchtime but must be switched off at the end of those breaks.

The following items of jewellery, only, may be worn:

Jewellery must be removed for PE lessons.

Facial piercings (other than the ear-studs) and other visible piercings must not be worn.


Students in Years 7 to 10 are not permitted to wear make-up (including nail varnish) in school. Students in Year 11 may wear a small amount of make-up, discreetly. Year 11 students unsure about how much make-up counts as discreet should seek advice from the Head or Assistant Head of Year 11.


Extreme hair-styles, such as Mohicans and words and patterns shaved into the hair, are not permitted.
If hair is dyed, it must not be dyed a colour that could not be achieved naturally. In other words, hair may be dyed blond, since blond is a natural colour for hair, but not bright blue or green etc… because these are not natural colours for hair.

Additional information

* Students in the Sixth Form do not wear school uniform but have their own dress code.

All clothing and equipment should be clearly marked with the owner's name. Very expensive items should not be brought to school.

PE Kit

Essential PE kit - ALL students need:

Maroon polo shirt with St Ivo logo*
Maroon rugby/football/hockey socks*
Trainers (non-marking)
White socks

Boys also need:

Plain black shorts with St Ivo logo*
Swimming trunks (not Bermuda type) and towel
Rugby/football boots (due to use of 3G astroturf, no metal studs or blades please)
Maroon reversible rugby shirt*

Girls also need:

One piece swimsuit (any colour, no two piece swimsuits) and towel
Lighht blue hoodie with St Ivo logo*
Maroon matching 'Skort' OR plain black shorts with St Ivo logo*

Optional PE kit:

Tracksuit bottoms (for outdoor work at discretion of PE staff)
Towel (shower facilities are available for all students)
Gum shield* - recommended for rugby and hockey
Shin pads* - recommended for rugby, football and hockey

All clothing and equipment should be clearly marked with the owner's name. Items followed by * are available from the St Ivo Business Centre.


Pens (blue/black), pencils, ruler, rubber, pencil sharpener, protractor, compasses, calculator and glue stick.

All the above items can be purchased from the school Business Centre at cost price. In addition students may purchase other items such as art sketch books and revision booklets.

Many students find it useful to have the following items: coloured pens/pencils and a USB pen.

Students will need a sturdy bag in which to carry equipment and books. They will be issued with a number of text books, which should be looked after and returned in reasonable condition. All students are allocated a locker, which may be shared with one other. Students provide their own padlock and key which can also be purchased at the Business Centre.