Exam Results

Exam Results

Overview of exam results

GCSE results 2017

66% of students gained a grade 4 or higher in both English and Maths.

In English 74% of students gained a 4 or higher.

In maths 76% of students gained a 4 or higher.

20% of all GCSE grades were awarded at A*/A.

In Chemistry 66% of grades were at A*/A. In Art 42% of grades were at A*/A.

There were some notable high achievers in this year’s results. Abbey gained the equivalent of 10 A* grades closely followed by Mahil and Robert with 8 A*s and Jenna with 7 grades at A*.

Headteacher Sam Griffin said “These are an impressive set of results for this year group. I am delighted to see so many students doing so well. I would like to congratulate all of students on their achievements and to thank their staff and parents for their ongoing support. We are looking forward to welcoming students back into our Sixth Form at the start of term.”

You can view the results here.

The latest official DfE performance tables for the school's GCSE results can be found here.

A level results 2018

A*-A: 25%
A*-B: 51%
A*-C: 74%
A*-E: 99%

We are delighted to have received another strong set of A Level results, particularly with over half of all grades at A*, A and B, and a quarter of grades at A*A! These results have enabled the vast majority of our students to progress to the university courses of their choice. Individual successes at the school include 12 students with straight A*A grades (or equivalent), with two of these students being awarded straight A* grades. Maths, Chemistry and Sport students have also performed particularly well, with over 50% of grades in these subjects at A*A or equivalent.

You can view the results here.