Uniform, Kit & Equipment

Uniform, Kit & Equipment

School Uniform

The uniform

The uniform consists of:

Please see full uniform visuals for the overall look of the uniform and retailer trouser visuals. Full details of what is acceptable for each item can be found in the sections below.

Uniform items can be purchased online from Price & Buckland:

The uniform is for all students in Years 7 to 11 from September 2018.

House colours for blazers

For current students, their House can be found using Go4Schools. New students will have their House allocated to them by the Head of Year. Siblings should be in the same House.

The colour stripe on each student’s blazer will need to match their House colour, please ensure that you purchase the correct blazer.


For school deliveries during summer 2018, please note the following dates. It will not be possible to collect orders from school during the summer holiday period outside of these times.

Orders for home delivery must be placed by Friday 17th August to ensure delivery in time for the new school year.

When choosing to have uniform from Price & Buckland delivered free of charge to the school during term time, please note that Price & Buckland ship orders to the school on the second and fourth Monday of each month. Parents/carers will be informed when orders are available for collection.

Uniform pricing, ordering and support

Please see pricing guidance from Price & Buckland for uniform items.

The core uniform items: the blazer, tie, optional jumper and skirts are supplied by Price & Buckland. They can be purchased online from Price & Buckland at www.pbuniform-online.co.uk/stivo.

The school, including the Governing Body, wants to ensure that the smart appearance we are aiming for is consistent across all students – and is ‘uniform’ without variation giving a sense of equality for all students whilst at school. We want this smart, consistent appearance to be something that the whole school and local community can instantly recognise and be proud about.

Please ensure that orders are accurate, as Price & Buckland will charge for the return of unwanted items, regardless of reason or delivery charge.

For those parents/carers in receipt of Working Tax Credit or Income Support, or with other mitigating circumstances, further financial assistance is available. You may also wish to contact St Ivo if your current school is in receipt of Pupil Premium funding for your child. Schools receives Pupil Premium funding for students who are currently in receipt of free school meals, students who have been entitled to free school meals in the last six years, looked after children, and service children. To obtain this support, please email uniform@stivoschool.org with the email subject “Uniform Financial Assistance” and stating the names(s) and year group(s) of your children, and the reason for you request for assistance.

Blazers and jumpers

All students must wear their blazer at all times, unless informed otherwise by a member of staff. Sleeves must not be rolled up. Students can choose to wear the maroon v-neck jumper with school badge under their blazer, in which case these must be supplied by Price & Buckland (online through their website). The maroon v-neck jumper is not a substitute for the school blazer, if too warm, the jumper must be removed, not the blazer (unless informed by a member of staff). No other jumpers or hoodies are permitted underneath blazers.

Shirts and blouses

Shirts and blouses can be bought from any retailer or supplier. The only requirement is that they be plain white, including white buttons, and without any logos. A standard collar suitable for the school clip-on tie is also required. Sleeves may be short or long, but must not be rolled up. For those students with additional needs, parents might like to know that autism friendly shirts, which have the appearance of standard school shirts, are available from some retailers.

Kameez, plain v neck grey available from Price & Buckland by contacting the school by phone or emailing uniform@stivoschool.org. It should be worn with the school shirt/blouse and tie that is visible, together with other uniform items.

Outerwear and keeping warm

When purchasing coats or other items to go over the blazer (for example, for cold and wet weather), please ensure that these items are appropriate for school. For example, no inappropriate slogans or denim and items should be as plain as possible. We want students to look as smart as possible at all times, in school and in the local community, in keeping with the new formal uniform. Any coat worn over the blazer must be removed before entering classrooms. A coat or non uniform casual garment can never be worn instead of the school blazer.

As with coats, gloves and scarves must be removed before entering classrooms.

Students who are cold should wear the maroon v neck jumper with school badge under their blazer. If this is not sufficient for warmth or comfort, students may also choose to wear a plain white T-shirt, vest or garment under the shirt/blouse, the aim being that garments worn under the shirt/blouse for warmth or comfort should not be visible.

Skirts and tights

If girls choose to wear the tartan grey skirt, with adjustable waist, please order the correct size to ensure that the skirt is knee length. Skirts must not be rolled up. Tights must be plain black only. Black tights or black socks are the only acceptable garments to be worn in combination with a skirt.


Trousers are a particular shade of grey, and a formal standard style.

To assist parents with cost, quality and availability, we have sourced a range of places for parents to purchase trousers which fulfil the requirements of the new uniform. This does bring some risk of inconsistency, therefore if you cannot purchase any of the approved trousers due to availability or sizing, please do not buy an alternative that is not listed. Instead contact the school (by emailing uniform@stivoschool.org) and we will quickly work to assist you.

Parents can purchase trousers from the following, with prices ranging from £6 to £18. Please also see retailer trouser visuals.

Price & Buckland:

The Green School Shop, St Ives (try on and purchase in store, see website for opening hours):


Marks & Spencer (staff can assist with finding correct trousers):

We trust that this selection will enable parents to choose suitable trousers for their child(ren), whilst helping the school to maintain the consistent and smart look of the new uniform.

We are aware that Marks & Spencer and Tesco sometimes update their range of school trousers nearer to September as part of their ‘Back to School’ launch. This page on school uniform will seek to be a live reference with the correct trouser codes.


Optional grey tailored shorts are available for all students to wear. Students are only permitted to wear these during the summer term (Easter to July). These shorts are only available from Price and Buckland online shop and The Green School Shop, Cromwell Mews, St Ives (Banner Bermuda short 1K3 and David Luke Bermuda shorts DL947). Shorts are to be worn at knee length. It is essential that students who choose to wear shorts are dressed smartly, promoting standards of uniform. In particular, black school shoes and black socks are still required. Please see visuals here. The school reserves the right to remove shorts as a uniform item available to individual students if they do not consistently follow these rules.

Shoes and socks

We recognise that parents will want to purchase school shoes that are as comfortable as possible. In addition, some families may not wish to buy shoes that are made from leather. We are specifying that shoes for boys and girls must be completely plain black (including laces, uppers and soles) and have a smart appearance suitable to be polished. They can be leather or leather style shoes, but not trainers, canvas or casual footwear (such as Vans, Converse, Adidas, Nike, Slazenger, Lonsdale, Asics and all other similar brands), and will not have such additions as stripes or ticks. Footwear with any logo is not permitted. Some examples of acceptable footwear can be seen here.

Heels of shoes must be limited, to ensure they are safe around the school site. As a guide, heels should be no more than 1 and 3/4 inches.

All types of boots, including ankle boots, are not acceptable footwear. If boots are worn to school due to weather conditions, these should be changed for school shoes once students arrive at school.

Socks must be plain black, ankle or below knee length, and not patterned. If a footsie sock is worn, then it must be black.

Heads and faces

Headwear is not permitted, unless agreed by the child's Head of Year, and must be plain black without logos or any type of addition or attachment such as badges, bands, brooches, shadow stripes, diamantes, tassles. The full face of all students must be completely visible at all times on the school site.

Machine washable?

Blazers, trousers, skirts and the optional jumpers will be machine washable and not require dry cleaning.

Recycling of uniform

Some parents have asked if they can donate uniform items for good use. These can be returned to school, using the green recycling wheelie bin in reception.


The following items of jewellery, only, may be worn:

Jewellery must be removed for PE lessons.

Facial piercings (other than the ear-studs) and other visible piercings must not be worn.

Anklets must not be worn. One bracelet is allowed, but must be discreet and safe.


Students may wear a small amount of discreet, natural style make-up. False nails are not permitted (including acrylic, gel or any other false nail). Nail varnish is not permitted apart from clear (not coloured) “French manicure”/”French polish” on the natural nail. Students unsure about how much make-up counts as discreet should seek advice from their Head or Assistant Head of Year.

Hair and Eyebrows

Extreme styles, such as Mohicans and words, lines and patterns shaved into the hair or eyebrows, are not permitted. If hair is dyed, it must not be dyed a colour that could not be achieved naturally. In other words, hair may be dyed blonde, since blonde is a natural colour for hair, but not bright blue or green etc because these are not natural colours for hair. All hair must be a single natural colour and not two or more natural colours, for example it would be blonde or black or ginger.

PE Kit

In line with other uniform items, PE kit is available online from the Price & Buckland website. The PE kit is as follows:

Essential PE kit – required by all students:
Maroon rugby/football/hockey socks
Trainers (non-marking)

Boys also need:
Plain black shorts with St Ivo logo
Swimming trunks (not Bermuda type) and towel
Rugby/football boots (due to use of 3G astroturf, no metal studs or blades please)
Maroon reversible rugby shirt

Girls also need:
Maroon polo shirt with St Ivo logo
Light blue hoodie with St Ivo logo
Maroon matching 'Skort' OR plain black shorts with St Ivo logo
One piece swimsuit (any colour, no two piece swimsuits) and towel

Optional PE kit:
Tracksuit bottoms (for outdoor work at discretion of PE staff)
Towel (shower facilities are available for all students)
Gum shield - recommended for rugby and hockey
Shin pads - recommended for rugby, football and hockey
Optional for boys - maroon polo shirt with St Ivo logo

Lost uniform

We encourage all parents to label all uniform items with their child’s name to avoid them being lost and causing parents unnecessary expense. If an item is misplaced, the school has a lost property system, students can check for their item by going to reception. Laundry pens and name tags can be purchased from The Green School Shop.

In-year applicants

Where a student is joining the school part way through the year, the Head of Year will provide details of how to obtain uniform.

Questions and help

If you have any queries relating to the new uniform, please contact the school by emailing uniform@stivoschool.org. If your child’s additional needs might have an impact on their ability to wear the certain uniform items, please contact us.

What happens if a student is incorrectly dressed?

If a student cannot wear the correct uniform for any reason, the parent/carer must provide a note, preferably by completing this sheet, explaining the problem and the date by which their child will be back in correct uniform. During that time, the school has a limited supply of uniform items which the student will borrow to ensure that correct uniform is worn at all times. Alternatively, in line with Department for Education guidance, the student may be sent home for a short period to change.

If a student has a genuine reason for being incorrectly dressed but was unable to bring a note from the parent, for example due to the parent leaving the house early, the student will borrow correct uniform from the school and the student must bring in a note the next day to explain the non-compliance.

Any student not in the correct uniform should report to Dr Craig in reception before 8.45am in the morning (straight away after registering with their tutor) to show their note and borrow school uniform for the day.

If a student is wearing incorrect uniform and does not have a note from their parent/carer, the student will borrow uniform from the school and the student will be given a one-hour detention after school with parents/carers being informed. Where a parent is unable to rectify the uniform problem due to financial hardship, the school may be able to provide financial support.

A student who comes to school wearing incorrect uniform 3 times without good reason, will spend a day in the Reflection Room and parents/carers will be informed.

Refusal to wear the correct uniform, including refusal to wear clean clothing lent by the school, will be treated as defiance and this is likely to result in being plaed in the Reflection Room or being sent home, which could include fixed term exclusion.

Students with extreme hairstyles and/or unnatural colours, may be required to spend an extended period of time in the Reflection Room until the problem is resolved.


Pens (blue/black), pencils, ruler, rubber, pencil sharpener, protractor, compasses, scientific calculator (prefered model Casio FX83GT) and glue stick.

All the above items can be purchased from the school Business Centre at cost price. In addition students may purchase other items such as art sketch books and revision booklets.

Many students also find it useful to have coloured pens/pencils.

Students will need a sturdy bag in which to carry equipment and books. They will be issued with a number of text books, which should be looked after and returned in reasonable condition. All students are allocated a locker, which may be shared with one other. Students provide their own padlock and key which can also be purchased at the Business Centre.

Valuable items

Valuable items such as mobile phones are brought on site at the owner's risk. The school insurance does not cover damage or loss of these items. Parents/carers may wish to enquire as to whether their own insurance policies cover valuable items brought to school. The school is not responsible for the safety and security of these items.