You Said, We Did

You Said, We Did

You Said, We Did

Parents' frequently asked questions

What is the IvoView 'You said, We did' survey system?

What is the purpose of the survey system?

When are the surveys carried out?

What questions are asked?

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Below are some examples of how we have responded to your feedback, provided through IvoView and other contact methods.

You Said We Did
Provide better information for parents. Parent information evenings have now been scheduled into the calendar for key stages. A parent handbook has been created, available online and handed out at the parent information evenings.
Provide greater transparency about the role of Governors We have rewritten the Governors page of the website to include details of the Governing Body structure, brief bios for each Governor, meeting schedule, minutes of Full Governing Body meetings and statutory documents. In January 2016, the Governors held an annual meeting for parents which included presentations by the Chair of Governors and Headteacher.
Use electronic communication on platforms that parents regularly use. The school now communicates regularly through Facebook and Twitter, including a number of subject Twitter feeds..
Communication about homework could be better. We worked with the Go4Schools online provider to create an online homework system whereby teachers state the homework, details, due date and whether it has been completed. This can be accessed by students and parents. In February 2016, following feedback from St Ivo parents, the Go4schools homework module was updated to show more clearly those homeworks which are due in the next 7 days or were due in the previous 7 days.
We want a way to regularly discuss issues and meet staff responsible for certain aspects of school life. Parent Forum meetings exist, and have discussed issues such as educational visits and uniform.
More information about educational visits: costs, importance, missed lessons. We have updated our website tab on educational visits to include: a brief description; visit category ratings (A: essential; B: integral; C: connected; D: deciding careers); a cost calculator across Y7 to Y13; nights and days away from school.
More convenient access to uniform and learning resources. We are working with the business manager of ‘The School Shop’ in St Ives town centre ( to make it easier for parents to acquire nearly new uniforms and learning resources.